Ready for Black Friday?

November 21, 2017

Ready? Set ... GO !

Often Black Friday sales starts on the day after Thanksgiving, and for the luckiest ones for much more days - depending on which part of the world you are!

Animations, Entertainments and SALE events everywhere. This year is crazy!



It is the right time for us to prepare some end-of-year shopping with the latest winter trends!

Fashion, electronics, toys... online or in-store, get ready for the best deals and some huge savings. 

What we love? for some online shopping for electronic items (on the list: polaroid, camera long stick for filming, and iPad covers), it started already and for a long Black Friday Week!

Macy's is New York's hot spot for this black friday sale, but be there earliest possible, queues starting at 3am... imagine the deals you can get but it's one day only in the biggest store in the world! Anyway, who won't enjoy some fashionistas favorite hobbies!


Back in Europe, many countries started this wave of "Weekend sale"  called Black Friday by our American neighbors. In France, it will go viral on-line, www.vente-privé we are waiting for you!

We have no list for fashion, we will go with the flow of this Friday's excitement. It will be packed in the store, so either we will wake up very early and start shopping online, or visit the store but here comes the pressure of those ladies waiting for hours in front of the stores and waiting badly the same pair of jeans you want. On-line wins?!


On the other side Europe, Middle Eastern are so lucky, it goes for 2 to 3 days, and maybe get extended for more days!


Dubai ... the place for shopping ... called "3 days super sale" - an initiative from Dubai Tourism - is obviously a reason to visit this beautiful city with an amazing weather in November.

We would love to be there and shop at Robinsons - department store, in Festival City Mall, for the latest fashion brands from all over the world in a very cosy environment - all what you looking for in 3 floors. Not to forget, you can customize your purchases with Swaroviski crystals, embroidery, engraving or embossing. At the end of your fab day there, you can enjoy an organic meal at Wild and the Moon or a chic burger at Big Fernand. 

Oscar de la Renta jewelry, Rochas shoes, Catherine Osti accessories, and many more amazing deals that will make you feel fabulous for the festivities!


What would be your favorite destination for shopping animations?


In Japan since 2016, they also started to have their Black Friday, and we love some asian high style in our closet. They implemented some funny animation in their store with some icons appeareances.

Maybe our next destination, who knows? 


We can share more contacts on the brands and specially the animations that will happen during Black Friday around the world, contact us now!


Sale all the way! Enjoy it with passion for fashion ...