It's Tis' season! Get some original gift wrapping tips

December 1, 2017

We all know December means gift wrapping skills! And what if we found you some very cool tips to make it memorable?

What a beautiful season to show some creativity on the gift packing... here's some ideas to mix and match with some of the trendy materials for this year:

1- Rustic romance:

Sprigs of rosemary and pepper berry perk up wrapped in Kraft paper,

Surprise your friends and family with a mix of natural tons and materials that brings elegance to your gifts.

2-Gift Toppers: 

*Honeycomb Ornaments: Cut 1 ½" and 2 ½" half circles from honeycomb paper. Hot-glue one side of folded half circle to package; unfold and glue other side of sphere to box. Use a silver paint pen to draw ornament hangers.

*Paper Straw Christmas Tree: Use a pencil to draw a triangle on the top of package. Cut paper straws in graduated lengths to fit horizontally within triangle. Adhere with hot-glue. Cut two 1" pieces of straw and glue vertically at base to form a trunk. Weave a piece of string down the length of tree, adhering with dots of hot-glue along the way. Glue small buttons along length of string.

3-Paper gift packets: 

Layer two pieces of kraft paper together and draw a shape (star, stocking, or other symbol) on the top piece. Cut through both layers of paper, then coat a gift between the two identical shapes and stitch along the edges using a colored thread different than the paper color.


Impress, Surprise, and have an amazing magical season!