Believe in the magic of this season!

December 20, 2017

 All I want for Christmas is ... And the list goes on and on!

December is always a festive month, full of magic and happiness. We gather more with friends and co-workers and we take the time to appreciate what life has to offer us. And often this season is related to holidays!



Movies and cartoons made us believe in the magic of this season. Since our childhood, Disney tucks us in with amazing animated movies. We will take days to list them all, and it is not all! Often, during December, TV channels give us hope in the magic with some series, and love movies. 

Who can't fall for it? 

Everything makes you fall for it. Not only movies, but also street decorations, street entertainers, Christmas markets, fairground attractions, characters appearances in malls/offices, and many more animations.

And added to this, December is often the highest period after August, to take a break from work and enjoy family time to celebrate the New Year. 


But how you will decorate your Christmas and NYE table? We have some tips for you!

Red, Gold, Green, White, Pink, Blue, glitters, tinsels, pines ... we have so much choices to organize your festivity! 

Add some cookies, gifts, Christmas tree, chorale performances, and Santa! Santa is one of the most popular entertainments of December. His performances are everywhere: malls, offices, corporate EOY gathering, in the streets of cities, and maybe at your home! As per the tradition, kids prepare cookies and milk next to the fireplace on the Christmas evening when Santa will leave them the gifts.


And that's not all. Straight after this day, we all get ready for some NYE shopping or maybe vacation trip for the luckiest ones! What a wonderful feeling we get in December!


Our team wishes you an amazing magical month!