Will You Marry Me?

January 17, 2018

The famous question that most of the little girls inside us are waiting for! Will You Marry Me?


Since our childhood, we, ladies, dream to meet one day our prince charming who will know how to make us feel like an eternal princess and organize for us an EXCEPTIONAL wedding fairytale. But it all has to start with the famous proposal. 


Today dear Ladies & Gentlemen, Encre d’Or shares with you some ideas to make this proposal an unforgettable moment. 

You don’t really know from where to start or how you will proceed to not fall into the « traditional » proposal ? Encre d’Or has some tips for you…

There are different points to take into consideration and that has important meaning for your lady:


1. Find the PERFECT idea :

You have to think about all the details. Where, when, how… all these questions that you have to keep in mind even before thinking about doing your proposal.


The perfect idea doesn’t come easily. It has to be inspired and inspiring, different but also feasible. To surprise your amazing lady, it is important to be discrete and not leave a space for any doubt. We, women, are very smart in spying!


2. How to make this moment memorable :

It is so important to know the personality of your lady. Your proposal will revolve around her taste, feelings, wishes and dream.

For example, if she loves fairy tale, music and refined things, you can make your proposal on a horse-drawn carriage.

A stroll on a horse-drawn carriage that brings you to a private garden where you have prepared a candlelit diner with a musician to remind her that you care about her passion. And that's just an example, we can explore so much more ideas.


3. When :

It is not really easy to not arouse her curiosity when making something unusual.

If you use to go to the restaurant on Tuesday, follow this habit and prepare your proposal on this day. If you don’t want to be reveal just respect your weekly habits.

Don’t give up, it is almost done!


4. How to get a Y E S :

There is no secret that Encre d’Or team can give you… It doesn’t depend on how you propose, not even the place or the date. The Y E S will come automatically because the most important thing is to share this amazing feeling of LOVE.


Keep in mind that it has to be a memorable moment and has to reflect your personality. Encre d'Or has many creative ideas for you and your lady, contact us now!


For more info, contact us, your Encre d'Or team will be happy to assist you!


Encre d'Or team wishes you a good luck!