And the store is open!

April 17, 2018

How to make your store opening a push to your business? How to convince your potential customers? How to make your store a destination shop? Often, we think events is not a marketing tools to promote, but here's some tips to make it profitable! 


Step 1: Set Your Goals
  • Create Awareness: The grand opening is your first big marketing push. The expression “Grand Opening” carry a lot of buzz itself. You just have to make sure they reach a big audience! Go ahead to newspaper, radio & internet advertising.

  • Create Excitement: Your event needs to be enticing enough to win over the skeptics. If you’re bringing something new to town – say, opening the first frozen yogurt shop – then the product itself may be enough to draw a crowd. Consider giving out free samples, Food &Beverage...

  • Build Relationships: Potential customers are not the only people you want to attract. Grand openings are the perfect opportunity to build relationships with local business people, press and local politicians.

  • Create a Memorable and Positive Experience: No matter how engaging the event is, crowdedness, a lack of parking and/or long wait times can make visitors leave feeling bitter. 

Step 2: Set your budget

  • Frequency and repetition will help your advertisements get noticed,

  • You don’t want to spend so much on your grand opening that it significantly reduces your ability to advertise during the rest of the year, 

  • Keep a track on your budget.


Step 3: Book a Date for Your Grand Opening

  • Tap Into Existing Behavioral Patterns: When do people normally shop for your company’s product or service? What day of the week? Is it during the day or night?

  • Be Open for at Least 1-2 Weeks before having your grand opening event to analyse and to fix issues before a big crowd arrives,

  • Be Aware of Holidays and other events. 

Step 4: Promote your Event
  • Online Coupon Advertising,

  • Radio Advertising,

  • Newspaper Advertising,

  • Public relations,

  • Marketing plan could be developed with our Encre d'Or team, contact them now to discuss about your projects!



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