Get some summer inspiration!

June 14, 2018

Impress your guests with summer colors and fresh ideas for your celebrations!


Here are some of our Encre d'Or team tips to prepare your summer celebration set up:


1. Find a theme to your celebration

Often, we choose movies and cartoons as a theme of our party. However, there are millions of themes that our Encre d'Or team could share with you. 

You will need to find an ideal match of your personality, your vision of the celebration and the idea of what you would like to share during this party. 

Our team will be more that happy to share their experience and give you the best theme for your celebration! Don't hesitate to contact us.


2. Use seasonal products

Not often we go for bring colors during summer season; it depends of the feeling you would like to give to your celebration, and the tone of the party! Once you find the theme of the celebration, the colors will come naturally. The selection of flowers will come so easily... and don't refrain of adding some fresh fruits and vegetables to your table.


3. Mix and match all elements of your celebration

From the table elements; cutlery, napkins, table clothes and centerpieces, to your guests' gift - all has to be homogeneous to give the perfect atmosphere of a well-managed event. It's all in the details: be very picky of the selection of the color, the materials and the elements of what will be seen and pictured during your party! It has to be an inspiration for others who will see your pictures.


4. String lights: a must for summer parties!

The ultimate summer vibe is the string light! It can be for an informal celebration with a barbecue night or a very formal one like a beach wedding; string lights give this feeling of the perfect summer celebration! 

This feeling shared with your beloved ones, in the nature, at the beach, or in a garden... it warms hearts and atmosphere. Our team highly recommends you to add them and share with us your comments!


5.Floor seating, why not?

Often we see now celebration at the beach on the floor seating concept. Recently we have participated to an proposal party where all the setting where oriental style: sitting on poufs and a low coffee table which give you a very cosy environment to share a very tasty cuisine for your celebration!

To see more pictures, please contact our Encre d'Or team - specialized in destination events and weddings.